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Jacket Copy that Sells Books

  • We craft copy that helps sell books, from fiction to STM titles
  • We have the resources to manage large-scale production schedules
  • We manage everything, from writer acquisition through content delivery

Our marketing copywriters are experienced and adept at capturing the essence of a novel or nonfiction work in just a few short paragraphs. Better still, we write copy that helps move more units, all while helping publishers cut their costs and reduce internal operational burdens.

So much hinges on the turn of a phrase. Jacket copy is the "point of sale" tool for selling more books—make every word count.

First Impressions Matter

Quite a bit goes into marketing a book. From the title and cover design to the web copy that goes on and other online booksellers, success lies in the details. But when it comes down to it, once a book is in the hands or on the screen of a would-be buyer, there is precious little opportunity to make an impression. And that's why the words that adorn the jackets of books are pored over and studied so assiduously. From the lede that may be the only words a potential buyer will ever read to building the personal brand of the author, our focus is on putting the right words in place to drive sales.

Ethos Content provides book marketing consulting that focuses on our core areas of expertise - writing, web marketing, and managing large-scale, writing-based projects. Our publishing clients rely on us to improve the quality of their book jacket copy, reduce the burden of their in-house staff, decrease costs, and assist their BPO vendors with the elements of outsourcing that cannot be offshored to non-native writers.