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Keyword Phrase Targeting and Research

  • Compile a proprietary and segmented database of keywords
  • Reach your audience via in-depth keyword research and targeting
  • Find "hidden" keywords that you should be using to drive leads

Keyword research is at the very heart of the processes and actions that collectively form a finalized, ready-to-implement SEO strategy. To properly prepare a website for a comprehensive organic search engine optimization push, it is of the utmost importance to possess a very firm grasp of the primary purpose of the site itself, the types of visitors that are likely to be searching for the website and, finally, the type of visitors that are being targeted via the search marketing initiative. In addition, keyword phrase research should go well beyond mere utilization of standard research tools, and should instead delve into analysis of proprietary, relevant search query data. This naturally leads to effective keyword grouping or “keyword funnels” that help to create an overall taxonomy for an evolving keyword database that can drive a website’s natural navigational structure. In this manner, keyword phrase research and development are closely tied to the over-arching goals that have been established for the broader search marketing campaign and, along with the SEO audit, form the basis for successful SEO efforts.

Improper keyword phrase targeting is a missed opportunity to generate online leads and sales. To fully leverage organic SEO techniques, keyword analysis and development must be carefully and meticulously undertaken.

Carefully Researching Relevant Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrase research and selection is crucial to organic search marketing success and PPC campaigns. Among the individual components of all Ethos Content keyword phrase analysis and development reports are the following:

  • Keyword Funnel Development
  • Keyword Popularity Research
  • Longtail Keyword Analysis
  • Local Search Keywords
  • Keyword Value Reporting
  • Analyze Existing Keyword Targets