Ethos Content Marketing Services

Robust Product Marketing Descriptions

  • Product descriptions that increase sales and brand awareness
  • Product marketing descriptions that comply with industry standards
  • Product romance copy that speaks directly to targeted consumers

The importance of excellent product descriptions is rapidly increasing as major e-commerce websites and online retailers better understand the tendencies and behavior of online consumers. Research suggests that the majority of online shoppers require detailed information about the products they are considering for purchase. When shopping online, consumers want to see the product romance copy that informs and reassures them that they are making the right buying decision - and they'll happily go elsewhere if they don't find it.

The rudimentary product marketing descriptions and spec listings that typically accompany SKU datasheets are no longer sufficient for most e-commerce websites and online retailers.

Comply with Data Exchange Standards

More and more industries have established product information exchange standards to help ensure that product data moves smoothly from suppliers to distributors and across various types of sales channels. Our professional product description writers create marketing copy that is in strict compliance with all applicable product information exchange standards, regardless of industry. We have vast experience managing large product sets and projects, and can assist with data cleansing, synchronization and product data management as part of our clients' larger product content and data management initiatives.

Our quality control specialists have intimate knowledge of the product marketing description requirements and related fields within industry product exchange standards and XML schemas, making the process of adding, updating or editing product marketing descriptions both effective and highly efficient. We also work within a variety of formats and systems to make projects flow properly and to avoid the extra steps of converting data. Among these formats are the following:

  • IDEA Industry Data Warehouse (IDW)
  • Industry-specific XML Formats
  • SQL, MySQL & Other Database Formats
  • Microsoft® Excel and Other Spreadsheets
  • Big Hammer Product Management
  • Text (.txt) Documents
  • Microsoft® Word & Similar Formats
  • PDF and Image-based Formats
  • .CSV & Other Delimited Flat Files