Ethos Content Marketing Services

Accuracy Assured: Data Cleansing Services

  • Provide accurate, well-written product content to suppliers
  • Increase sales and reduce return rates for an entire product catalog
  • Launch new products quickly and easily through suppliers

The exchange of product data between suppliers and distributors is a key element in the sales process. In order to present potential customers with the most accurate and up-to-date specifications regarding a product at the point of purchase, product data between partners must be synchronized and provided in a manner that is usable by distributors. When data integrity is compromised, data cleansing is a process that eliminates a wide variety of problems, ranging from typographical errors and formatting issues to factual errors and data duplication problems.

The accuracy of product descriptions and persuasiveness of product marketing copy is often the key element in buyers' purchasing decisions.

Clean, Synchronized Product Data

Making sense of data inconsistencies can be a nightmarish process, especially when multiple data sources and formats are involved. At Ethos Content, we regularly sort through a wide variety of disparate data to ensure accurate, synchronized information. We employ both technology and human reviews to ensure accuracy and are intimately familiar with the data formatting issues that regularly arise through the use of a wide variety of database, spreadsheet and graphical data formats.

  • Data Source Conversions
  • Proprietary Formatting
  • Product Data Fact Checking
  • Data Parsing
  • Style Guide Adherence
  • Duplicate Content Filtering