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Hire Writers - Writer Recruitment

Ethos Content has been recruiting talented writers for nearly two decades, during which time we have continuously refined the selection criteria, testing measures, and quality assurance processes that we make use of to match writers with client projects. If your company is seeking to hire writers for projects or ongoing operations, we can assist with writer identification and acquisition, as well as project management. We are particularly adept at handling project management and talent acquisition for large-scale, ongoing projects or operations for which large teams of writers and subject matter experts are required.

Ethos Content makes identifying, evaluating, and hiring skilled writers simple and cost-effective

Marketing Copywriters and Technical Writers

Our longstanding relationships with our talent assets allow us to quickly identify writers with the specific qualifications our clients are seeking. Many of our writers are also subject matter experts in a given field, thus providing both the subject matter knowledge and communications ability required to produce complex, well-written materials. Among our expert writers are skilled technical writers and editors, marketing copywriters, and writers specializing in a wide variety of fields and areas of expertise.

  • Marketing Copywriters
  • Proposal Writers
  • Technical Editors
  • Medical Writers
  • Financial Writers
  • Legal Writers & Editors
  • Technical Writers
  • Web/SEO Copywriters
  • RFP Response Writers
  • Grant Writers
  • Academic Writers
  • Subject-specific Writers