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Publishing BPO Services

Ethos Content brings to bear nearly two decades of writing and marketing outsourcing experience on behalf of publishers seeking to produce cost savings and increase process efficiency. We work directly with publishing companies and with BPO vendors to provide outsourced writing solutions.

All too often, business process outsourcing solutions within the publishing industry are focused on a labor arbitrage approach that focuses solely on decreasing costs. As a rudimentary measure, this approach provides value, but alone it is unsustainable and falls well short of larger enterprise goals related to quality and process improvement.

Improve the bottom line and realize operational efficiencies with outsourced writing solutions

Talent, Processes, and Technology that Drive Success

Copywriting is likely the sole area within the publishing BPO arena that cannot be seamlessly offshored to drive cost savings. Ethos Content provides a comprehensive solution for publishers via a core group of talented writers and a management team that focuses on delivering great copy. By developing process improvements specific to our clients' operational goals and leveraging technology to more effectively manage complex workflows and management challenges, we deliver more than mere writing services - we deliver solutions.

  • Jacket Copy / Flap Copy
  • Web Copy / Amazon Copy
  • Content Workflow Tracking
  • Writer Management & Acquisition
  • Catalog Copy / Formatting
  • Book Marketing Consulting
  • Content Process Improvement
  • Writing Project Management