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Management Consulting Reports

Ethos Content began providing management consulting services in response to the growing need among our clients for strategic planning and process improvement. This began as an add-on service for our copywriting clients for whom we were providing content creation project management services. For clients with large, ongoing content production operations or change-oriented projects, the typically simple process of having copy created and published can be fraught with complexities. Our solution was to carefully and iteratively develop process improvement methodologies, best practices, and reporting methods that we continue to utilize to meet the needs of our clients.

Our experience in this arena includes customer and stakeholder interviews, i.e. - ascertaining the "voice of the customer," requirements analysis, business processes reengineering (BPR) and improvement, and copious research and reporting. Analysis and research that we have completed includes such undertakings as Gap Analysis, SWOT analysis, onsite vendor interviews and product demonstrations, cost-benefit analysis, general research and reporting, technical specification reporting, and strategic development and consulting that are generally defined by lean six sigma principles.

From research and in-depth analysis to technical reports and executive presentations

Executive Presentations

Much of the reporting we have developed for consulting engagements is highly detailed, including reports created in accordance with specified style guides and including extensive works cited, additional reading lists, and appendices. For all engagements, we create decks (PowerPoint presentations) to communicate key points and to present findings and recommendations to senior executives. By virtue of this experience, Ethos Content is able to provide a variety of services within the realm of management consulting, most notably research, documentation, and presentation development.

We are especially adept at gathering what is typically a copious amount of research and analysis and creating reports that are intuitive and attractive, well-written and edited, that call out key points for executive readers while maintaining bibliographies and appendices for more detail-oriented readers, and that adhere to specific style guides (typically Chicago Manual of Style). We have extensive experience in the management consulting arena and our work in the past has touched upon the following:

  • Customer and Stakeholder Interviews
  • Voice of the Customer Determination
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Executive Summaries Reports
  • Strategic Planning, Lean Six Sigma
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Onsite Vendor Visits and Product Demos
  • Detailed Management Consulting Reports
  • Executive Presentation Decks (PowerPoint)