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Analytics Implementation & Management

Our approach to web marketing campaigns involves a simple process of planning, execution, analysis, and iteration. The analysis of marketing metrics - or analytics - is a key element of this process and informs the decisions and planning that lead to continuously-improving results. Most organizations and marketing departments are charged with "doing more with less." Analytics highlight opportunities for those savvy enough to understand what they mean, and can be the most powerful point of leverage in creating efficiencies.

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Flying in the Dark?

We use Google Analytics to measure and report key findings related to our clients' web traffic and conversion rates, from standard lead forms to ecommerce tracking. We leverage this simple, effective technology to generate insights into organic and PPC search marketing campaigns, email and social media campaigns, as well as the effectiveness of print collateral and event marketing. A comprehensive marketing approach involves tying together various initiatives, from Web to print, and social media to events. We track the effectiveness of these individual marketing efforts, and develop strategies to integrate the various elements of the marketing mix so that they complement and build upon one another.

  • Analytics Development
  • Analytics Management
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Goal Setup & Tracking
  • Custom Analytics Dashboards
  • Analytics URL Tagging
  • Print Collateral Integration
  • Lead Form Integration
  • Email Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics